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NaNoWriMo Day 18: Slacker!

Well i cut the word count short. I’ve been grinding under a serious lack of sleep so i’m trying to get to bed. I know – same story from the last few days. But seriously i don’t like having to work for 9 hours while feeling worse than the walking dead.

Anyway. I finally FINALLY pushed through the grand banquet scene and am ready to move on. I think it’s got all the raw elements i’m looking for but it should develop a little more slowly as far as the relationship is concerned. I positively love the character of the daughter who popped up in yesterday’s writing. I think she’s going to truly be a great addition to the story.

Finally i think i have lightened up a bit. This whole thing is supposed to be more romantic comedyesque than dreary slice of life. Well… There’s absolutely no way it could be a slice of life. But in any case i think the lightheartedness i wanted is finally coming across. There’s a lot of work to be done but the bones are there.

Must go sleep. Friday should be a heavy work day – TV sucks on friday.

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