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NaNoWriMo Day 10: The Ice Begins To Break

… for now.

Day ten is now in the bank and i stand proudly at 21, 726. A little less than halfway there. I wish i had some positive news for the plot which is STILL winding up. But that’s okay. For all of you looking for some advice to hold your head together and fight off the blues, i have stressed it before and i will stress it again. IT’S A DRAFT. The point is not to have perfection it’s to have completion, A beginning, a middle and an end. I can say with some gratitude that i have the beginning pretty well wrapped up. There’s just a few things here and there and then the story can really kick off.

Unfortunately the rest of the story is a little vague. As is customary with what i euphemistically call my process, i have a clearer picture of the end and what i’m heading towards than stuff in the middle. I do have a bit of consciousness regarding some of the events that will lead up to the end, but nothing really concrete just yet. Ideas. Which means i will probably have a few more moments of panic coming up in the next three to six days.

The good news is i followed the advice given in the pep talk. I had HUGE and seemingly insurmountable questions regarding my second main character. The little chapter i had written for him and his cohort led me to think the guy was a bit of a weeny and not exactly leading man material. Contrasting that with the strong start i gave my first main character and the partner in the plot, this was problematic to say the least.

I took a deep breath and put some words together. The guy isn’t born yet but he’s on his way – literally, and the backstory complete with a lot of cold really creates something to build off of. I’m not certain but it may end up on the cutting room floor. This is not a bad thing. In the draft i’m certain it will stay prominently in, but given everything else it may be unnecessary depending on how well i can paint the rest of it from this sketch.

So there you go. Tom now has a mother and a father whom i like immensely. It’s time i drop them in their appropriate Scrivener folders so that they are available for quick reference, and maybe do a little bit of planning ahead for tomorrow. G’night fellow scribbling mad men!

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