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Meg Brown Hostage Crisis is Over

Well it’s finally over. Okay, in fact it’s been over for weeks now. Boy I’m a terrific journalist aren’t I? Kindle KDP has decided that the Meg Stories are mine and mine alone Muahahahaha! Well… Insofar as I’ve, y’know, shared them with you guys. Whoever you are. Wherever you are.

I’m only writing about it now because I’ve been incredibly lazy and right now I have a choice to be social or to write a blog entry on my phone and of course I’m going to choose to write a blog entry. I mean – no brainer right?

What this means to you fans of Meg is that you can now go back to the original Meg’s and read them all over again. And tell your friends how wonderful they are. And nudge them into buying copies themselves and if they refuse to be nudged you can threaten them with bodily harm.

But they are now available again. And as soon as I get done with sitting around this beautiful lake on a beautiful day while beautifully evading my social responsibilities I will get on the task of seeing what to do with the next meg story. That’s number five if your counting. Which you really should be. It’s been finished for months now. But I’m trying to put a bit more oomph into it – a cover for one thing. I would also like to push it to more devices or even *gasp* a real book format. I know. I’ve been saying this stuff for a while. Let’s be honest – its a seriously daunting task and to accomplish it I sort of hafta face terror.

Well that’s it. Thems the story so far. More to come I swear.

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Little update on Meg Held Hostage…duh duh duhhhhhhh….

I got an official email from KDP who said that they are officially looking into the issue. So progress has been made. I guess there isn’t much else to do but wait but I am pleased to report that they are working on it. Hopefully my account will be unlocked soon and all would be well.

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