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Well it’s been a rough day. When we’re on scales of roughness, isn’t it a safe bet that we ought to get off of them? I mean, honestly. The first decent measurement of a rough day is to be taken while safely ensconced behind a nice frosty bottle of something with some quality TV, smooth music, or some other edge removing sensory stimulant. Unfortunately the TV is crap tonight and i have a feeling that if i snap on my iTunes it will be blaring some Bad Religion at me and i’m not prepared at present to have sandpaper grind on the sandpaper of my nerves. So it’s off to gaming, my escapist poison, my sometime drug, and i am about to attempt something i said i would never ever ever do in a million years. So don’t tell anyone. Promise?

Okay. I am about to join the hoopla.

I am not, traditionally a hoopla joiner. And to protect the reputation of the innocent (Me – not that i am innocent or have a reputation to protect) i shall not mention the game i am about to play. Let us just say that it is shorthand for awe and excitement – an expression if you will.

I have harangued this ‘expression’ for quite some time but being true to myself can sometimes be a burden and it behooves me to understand that which i harangue. I should mention this attitude has, on occasion, gotten me into considerable trouble in the past. We’ll see how it goes.

I am probably NOT going to detail my further travels into this area as i try not to talk about gaming much (because i have lately been having a lot of success getting away from gaming) but i am floating this out there because, well, the things still downloading and i felt the need to write something for today, even though there are oh… i don’t know, something like 50 or more scenes from Seeing Stars i could be editing right now. Did i mention it was a rough day? Maybe once i get my head wrapped around this new thing i will have some more fortitude to rip the guts out of my fledgling screenplay. We’ll see.

Just don’t tell anybody.

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