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NaNoWriMo: Day 21 – Skipping around

Well today was a bit different. Instead of proceeding in lock step with the outline i had mapped out (which has been variable at best as things have been proceeding mostly in a linear fashion but that linear fashion has a strange tendency to be chopped up to bits and strewn around) i have decided to skip around a little in the plot and sketch out a few scenes later in the story.

In addition i have really started thinking about the revisions. The chapter that was formerly Chapter 4: which was initially the introduction of the senator, now comes well after the (interminably long) banquet and his meeting with Emmie. Chapters 1 and 2 respectively which detail the birth of both main characters and deliver sort of a thread of continuity to the stuff taking place way back in 1892, may end up being jettisoned entirely. They only seem to serve the purpose of extending the introduction of the main characters and preventing the story from starting.

There is a lot of character work that still needs to be done. Emmie is now more of the problem than Tom. She doesn’t really have much of a hook – i don’t generally like characters that have ‘hooks’ or stereotypical archetypes but i do like characters that have a certain perspective or standpoint. I think she certainly has it but its a little more muted than i would like. She shows up really well in the scenes with Alex where she is comfortable but she’s very wary of Tom. She can spar with him well enough -which is good- but i think she’s still trying to figure out what to make of him.

I think, in order to tamp that down a little bit, i may devote a few solo chapters to her. I think it’s important sometimes to give people plenty of space to do their own thing – it tells you a lot about them when the actual plot stuff happens and though it is inefficient work it can be much fun. So for all of you writers out there who actually have stumbled upon this strange little blog in the backwaters of the blogosphere – my advice to you is always be prepared to write junk you never intend to use. It may feel like a waste of time and effort but in my opinion it will really make the focused work time that much quicker and useful and precise.

Well that’s it for now. I’m a little over five thousand words remaining. If i keep up the present pace i will be done with the 50000 by tuesday.

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