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NaNoWriMo Day 20: Last Milestone Before 50000

So i’m currently at 41,000 or so having cleared the last 10,000 mark before the end. I’m a little umm…anxious at being so close to the end of the 50,000 goal. It’s been fun and exhilarating and obnoxious and painful and oh so very rewarding. The novel isn’t even close to being finished. Not by a long shot but it’s nice to be this far and have a lot more to go. It gives me something to look forwards to.

The Senator is becoming a pretty good character. I was genuinely worried about him with the first few pages i put together. He was very plain and didn’t have much to like about him, but add a few nuances here and there, find a way to make them work, and there you go.

I seem to be having some difficulty still with descriptions. They just aren’t evolving in a way that i find colorful enough but that’s going to have to be tweaked and hammered down in the second draft which should be a mind numbing terror. But i feel like it’s getting to be a good story and i like the way the two leads have very different methods when they are alone as opposed together – it’s a strange dynamic the way they are slowly and very cautiously discovering the necessary admiration for each other.

My subplot characters have finally met – i am doing my best to keep them very close to the vest, i don’t want to show too much – just step by step build to the pay off but i think it’s a little too clear right now. Again that will have to be clouded over and given a nice muddy wash in the second draft. That will be difficult because it’s easy to overdo a plot like that when you know how it ends up but you don’t want the reader to know. You want it to be a surprise. So it’s a lot of fine and patient detail and obfuscation.

As far as plot goes – it’s glacial. I’m not sure how to fix that but i’m not too worried about it. I do wish there was a way to see it as a novel WHILE i’m writing it – with perfect page format. That way, visually at least, i can mark the benchmarks of the plot with what needs to be where and so forth. That would make editing much much easier.

Anyway. I must be off to a birthday party so i just thought i would drop this off and give you a little hint of what’s in store. I hope it was tantalizing enough.


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