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NaNoWriMo Day 24: The Finish Line

I crossed the finish line of 50000 words and listened to We Are The Champions as a celebratory exercise. I have decided to forgo the usual libation to the muses, or rather postponed it until the thing is well and truly finished. But let me tell you, hitting a goal like that is worth it. I’m not exactly giddy but i am content and that will do for now.

Sorry i haven’t been making my regular post for the last few days. I was getting behind in sleep again but still managed to post the word count, for the most part though some of the days had a little less than usual.

I have been skipping around a lot in the story, getting things done where and when the inspiration strikes the hardest. Tonight it was Part 4 – the deepest i have gotten into it and in fact it’s the denoument. I have to say i am proud of the end i have made of it. It may be some of the best writing i have ever done and i even made myself sniffle once or twice. It sounds strange to say ‘made myself sniffle’. I didn’t actually. Tom did. He’s got a really good heart and i’m really quite fond of him. And then there’s Violet. She’s such a beauty. I really hope and intend for her to have a better and more poignant part of the final draft as i have really come to love her.

Emmie, of course, is still giving me some trouble. A few days ago i bought her a truck – or rather she bought it. She lightened up considerably at that and then she had a nice scene at a food pantry that was comical and interesting. The food Pantry is more or less integral to the plot but the truck isn’t and i have a feeling it will either have to be dramatically shorter in the final version or not exist at all.

While i say she’s giving me trouble i think it’s more fair to say that she’s not all that certain of the direction this whole thing is going. There are parts of it she’s completely onboard with but as i mentioned a blog or two ago, she has yet to really warm to Tom (who is pretty enamored of her) Clearly some things will have to be worked on on his end to melt the ice as it were. Seeing as that’s always been one of my troubles with relationships we’ll see how well i can write it out for him.

Other than that things have been moving very nicely. Some of the scenes are harder than others of course. Sometimes the plot just doesn’t want to do what you want it to do. You try to explain to the screen that this is the way it has to be in order for things to work but the screen just looks at you with a ‘hmph. Maybe.” sort of expression. You really have to take that maybe to heart. You could be wrong. The maybe is very important as i have discovered while i am sitting at my desk at work, Moleskine open and jotting notes as they fire off in my head.

I am really looking forward to, having now written the very end, dropping Nick back into the story. I don’t know what place he holds or what he’s going to do but he’s there at the close and his initial scenes with Emmie’s mother were so good.

Anyway. The thing really is a hairy mess at present. It’s like a really comfortable shirt that has fallen into some disrepair and is in need of some thread cutting and some patching. Before i get to that i really want to fill in the gaps and pull all the spots together into a nice picture. Then the real work begins.

Stay tuned to this bat channel for more details and more anguish. There will be plenty of both to be had.

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