Having forgotten the logins for my previous failed blogs i have set things up here, though i still have no idea what i am doing. I fancy myself a writer and by that i mean i write. If you need to know my credentials, bug off. This Blog shall have no structure imposed beyond that which is Puckish, Bacchic, or Dionysiac. I do not presume to be Delphic (the vapours are a killer) but i enjoy having a bit of fun. There will be some seriousness involved at times and i apologize if you come here looking for shelter from the storm and find that it’s raining.

I’m into movies, reading, breathing, the occasional ant that has mistaken me for its friend. I really ought to be into Jogging, Kayaking, Hiking and Camping, and i really want to be into all of these things but my job sucks away my life sometimes and i end up sitting on the couch reading television or watching books.

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