Nano Day… Whatever. I’ve lost track

Ashley2Alright. Let’s make this quick. I’m in the middle of a bit of a word war with the Shadow and Clay blog. I don’t have time for this blogging nonsense. Don’t you know it’s NANO?

Anyway. So here it is in a nutshell: After two weeks of work on this novel and 37000 words or so i can freely and honestly admit that it has spiraled out of control. I’m still really enjoying it and i’m having a blast writing the bits and bobs of it but those bits and bobs are only SLOWLY building into a story. I feel as though i haven’t even really started yet.

But that’s Nano for you. Get those words down. A draft – no matter how horrible or meandering or completely lost, or whatever, is nothing if not the longest outline you’re going to write. As of right now – all of the little bits i’ve been thinking over for more than a month are coming out. I have a talking hawk who is gradually inserting herself more and more into the story. I had no idea Ashley would become such a handful.

The little meeting with the talking whale who lives in an ocean inside a maintenance shed at the zoo went off perfectly and had everything i wanted. I have a group of nosy middle class suburbanite jerkfaces muddling in my MC’s business. I’ve got everything i wanted except a story that is moving inexorably to it’s conclusion. In fact, 37000 words in and i feel like i’m still in the first few chapters explaining the characters.

I finally have my main character, Lola, getting a tour of the school she’s going to attend. This SHOULD have happened in the first 10000 words but here i am. Way late – And dreading the intense and massive editing process to come. What gets saved? Will i have to reorganize everything? Can i condense? Do i just plod on and include all that i want to?

These are all thoughts for a much later date. For now, WRITE WRITE WRITE!!! GET IT ALL DOWN!

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5 thoughts on “Nano Day… Whatever. I’ve lost track

  1. An ocean inside a maintenance shed sounds fascinating…keep it all! Every word of those 37000! Make it into series…a long series (like 50 books)

  2. Your story sounds awesome! I feel the same with my Nano, I’m about 22k in and it feels like there isn’t any full plot going on yet, but it’s awesome really getting back into writing =D

    • I know! Things are definitely MOVING in the story. They just aren’t moving very fast. Or something. I’m not sure. I’ll see when i get to the end of it but right now it seems like the book will be 70 – 80000 words rather than the 50000. Which is not good. But ah well. I’ll figure that out in december.

  3. *waves the pom-poms* Keep on writing!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying writing the draft. I think that’s really important on helping anyone get through NaNo. The story I’m working on for NaNo is something I truly enjoy writing which is why I decided to continue with the idea for this NaNo even though I started it originally during the past two camps. I’ve gotten further in it than in anything I’ve tried during my previous runs.

  4. Reblogged this on Shadow and Clay and commented:
    Once again, Joshua Cejka says it perfectly. Darn him! Well, I guess it gives me more time to work on my NaNoNovel 😀

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