Help Meg Plan A Wedding

No. Not Meg. She’s still happily divorced. Which leaves…yep. Spike and Kenzie. Stop by in the comments section (I read them all) and help plan out Spike and Kenzie’s wedding. If you don’t know the stories you’d best familiarize yourself with them before commenting. I can’t guarantee that anything you post will be used in the aforementioned story. I’m not even sure when the wedding will be coming up but I have big plans for the Meg series in the coming books. Big. Huge. And the wedding is just part of it. So wouldn’t you like to be part of it?

Chances are, if I like the ideas they’ll be scattered throughout the coming stories as Meg herself is (of course) going to be helping out with it. Whether she wants to or not.

I need everything, of course. Guest list: Do you want to see Spike’s folks? I’m not even sure they’d show up – maybe at gun point (that can be arranged). What about Angela? What about Emily? Should Riggins actually find a tux? Powder blue with frills? What sort of ring would Spike get her bride to be? Will she hint that Kenzie should get a globe and anchor tattooed on her arm?

What about the venue? Papa Browns horse ranch? The Walker Sculpture Garden? Nicollet Mall? Yep. Just let me know. I’m totally open to ideas.

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4 thoughts on “Help Meg Plan A Wedding

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  2. Diane Corriette

    Thanks for liking my blog post. I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Look forward to reading your response if you choose to play 🙂

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