Yay! Yummy Spiced Apple Cider Smoke!!!

I promised I would have an update on the travails regarding the disappearance of the Safe Cig and my attempts to replace it. Hold on. I’m going to go check real quick if there is an update on them…

Nope. Still gone.

Anyway. A week or so ago I wrote that I would be trying something totally new. I was just done with chasing down suppliers, trying to find another cigarette sized replacement and then going in for buying up all the disposable ‘filters’. I bought a Joyetech eGo-c. It’s a nifty little device I have to say – a lot more complicated and a bit messier than the traditional replaceable ecig but well worth it. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they have trouble with coherent english in their advertising. In fact, just have a look and do your own research on them rather than trying to crawl through their ad copy.

For starters the thing is bigger. More like the size of a cigar complete with a plastic mouthpiece. After a lot of research, I learned you can get many different parts for the mouthpiece thingy. Apparently people who are into ‘vaping’ tend to take this stuff pretty seriously. It also has a button to activate the atomizer. Most ecigs do not. But then this isn’t really an ecig. It’s more like a mini hookah or something.

In any case it was a little daunting at first. The package comes with two large batteries and the usual sundries: a USB cable, wall plug, a small carrying pack, a bunch of refillable cartridges, a five pack of replaceable atomizers and two rubber mouthpiece tips (one of which was recently eaten by one of my cats) One of the biggest advantages of it is that all of the pieces are individually replaceable which makes for a cheaper investment in the long-term than the usual up front costs of most ecig packages. I paid a total of 72.20 for the whole deal from LiteCigUSA who is, apparently, a registered distributor of the Joyetech products. I just hopped on over there and checked the price on the atomizer heads and it appears that they run about 25 to 30 bucks for a pack of 5 but they ought to last a bit longer on average than your standard e-cig cartridge. Probably quite a bit longer, actually, as you can replace them individually without resorting to throwing out the whole thing.

In fact, it seems the whole product is designed to keep down the costs and make vaping accessible. So far i have purchased one 15ML bottle of smoke juice from Johnson Creek Smoke Juice for 9.95 that lasted me a good week of almost constant vaping. I am now on my second package of Johnson Creek (a sampler pack of 5 5ML bottles) and I’ve calmed down a bit so it’s lasting a bit longer. The Smoke Juice packs come with everything you need to refill the cartridges. The 15 ML one even had a little feeder bottle that slips into the aperture of the cartridge and allows you to refill nice and quick without getting your hands all grubby from trying to pull the plastic cap off. Obviously 9.95 is a bit better price than the 14.00 Safe Cig was charging for a single refill of seven (possibly faulty) cartridges.

Another little advantage to the eGo-C is that there is apparently a variable voltage battery you can get. I don’t have one yet but allegedly it will help you control the strength of your vaping. I don’t really know how it works but it seems pretty nifty. I’ll probably write about that in a future post once I actually get one.

Really, however, the biggest advantage is the smoke Juice. There are quite a few distributors out there so take your pick. I’ve gone with Johnson Creek because it’s close to home and I like to get my stuff quick which is not something I could say about the Safe Cig. Even when I paid extra for delivery it could take a while and occasionally they lost an order so it’s nice to have something a little more secure. The smoke juice is cheaper. There are more flavors (oddly enough my current personal favorites are Spiced Apple Cider and Island which is basically like smoking a Pina Colada. Delicious)

So all in all I’m pretty happy. If you’re still looking for something similar to Safe Cig Erik recommended in the comments section of So Long Safe Cig that you look into South Beach Smoke. I’ve read on other sites that V2 is doing a special for former customers of the Safe Cig (though I don’t have the details) and even Johnson Creek Smoke Juice has their own Vea that they’re selling, but again – I know nothing about it. And here’s another resource, though if you’ve stumbled your way here chances are you’ve already been to Vapegrl at least once.

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