A Few Introductory Notes on the New Mystery Blog

So here you are. You’ve hunted, fished, rode, swam through alligator infested waters which is an amazingly intrepid thing thing to do to alligator infested waters. Congratulations. You are among the elite of the sleuthing wanderers. You’ve followed clues, you’ve tracked me down. You wanna know what your reward is. Well here it is: The alligators didn’t eat you. You are alive. I think. I hope. 

The truth is i don’t really know what’s going to happen here either. I just got here myself. I’m still looking around, picking up clods of dirt, seeing what might grow, testing the water for piranhas, checking the ammunition supply, making the sure the blade is still sharp. 

Here’s what i THINK is going to happen here. I think you’ll find reviews. Lots of reviews. Of mystery novels. You’ll find links to seminars or other things you might be interested in. You’ll find reviews of those seminars if i’ve taken them, you’ll find plaintive cries of interest if i haven’t taken them but really want to and you may even find a few interviews if i can swing it. All of them will be related to literary mysteries, detective novels, thrillers, sleuthing and writing the same. If this intrigues you, i hope you come back regularly and comment often. If this doesn’t intrigue you then what the hell are you doing here in the first place? 

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, i will briefly mention that i’m the author of the sublime Meg Brown Mysteries series. Don’t worry about the ‘sublime part’. No one has called them sublime except me and thats only because i had a lot of fun writing them. That’s the last you’ll hear of them on this page, though. If you want more information on them you can go elsewhere in these blog pages or over to my website, joshuacejka.com (which may bounce you back to another of these pages but i do try to keep things separate and organized.) 

Some things you will not see on these pages: It’s not terribly likely that you’ll see a lot of self published authors here. It’s possible, but unlikely even though i’m self published myself. The reason for this is primarily because I generally don’t have a lot of time for reading and when i do i prefer to hunt and fish out stuff that i’ve paid for that you may not know about. That’s why it’s also still possible. If i manage to come across a self published mystery writer that you ought to take a look at i’ll be happy to mention it here. 

You also won’t really find a lot of things that i DON’T like. I don’t really believe in wasting my time blathering wittily about crap. Crap is crap. I figure anyone who’s made it this far knows it when they smell it. Not to mention it causes far less strife and bitching and moaning to only review and write about things that i like. If i ever get vaunted enough that someone actually requests a review of something i regard as total crap then, well, i’ll burn that bridge once i get to it but i’m not going to hold my breath.


I’m constantly looking for new and interesting things and would greatly appreciate it if you’d share whatever you’ve found out there in Mystery Land. I can’t guarantee anything, of course, except the pleasure you get from sharing things you think are great. I do, however, love good, respectful discussions, thoughts, reflections, and general communication with those of similar interest.

So. Now that that’s all out of the way, let’s begin shall we?  

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One thought on “A Few Introductory Notes on the New Mystery Blog

  1. Bobbie

    I thought only crocodiles swam? And what is ‘vaunted’ anyway? Good start at comments?

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