Been Forever – Howzit?

Well there is a method to my madness. A Quick blog before work. I am going to TRY to connect this blog (with major revisions and upgrades) in the next few weeks to my website: Hopefully this will help Amazon understand that it was I, Joshua Cejka, the great, the noble, the truly tasteless, who wrote and herein published The Short Man and Too Much Piece of Mind. Because right now they think that someone else owns this here blog and that i did not, in fact, write either of those literary masterpieces. This has caused them to lock my account on Amazon KDP. Which means even fewer (as in none) people can access and enjoy those aforementioned literary masterpieces. 

Obviously this makes me less than happy. Plus they haven’t responded to my emails. Do they respond to emails? I’m beginning to wonder if maybe the Hal 9000 is behind all of this…. Hmm….

Must go to work. But in case you missed it (mainly because i haven’t posted anything on this blog in forever and a day) there are two more Meg Brown Short Mysteries available on Amazon at present. I think. Unless they’ve removed those too just to be thorough. They are “The Angry Birds” and “And Worms Have Eaten Them.” Go get em while you can. If you can. 

Oh and i’m working on a fifth. Still. It’s in the editing stage right now where it has been forever even though the draft is well and truly finished because i am waiting with much much much anticipation from the few select readers i have chosen to give it too. No hurry readers… Take your time… (taptaptaptaptap….)

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One thought on “Been Forever – Howzit?

  1. As we have been e-mailing one another since 2002 I will add my comment in the hope that it will add weight to your evidence. This man is Joshua Cejka, he wrote the stories ( I know this ‘cos he has discussed many of the plot points with me and let me read the early drafts) and hopefully the whole issue will be sorted soon. We need access to our favourite author’s works!

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