Under and Overwhelmed: Writing in the new year

So it’s been a while since the last post and much has happened since i left all of my three faithful readers. The novel continues, very, very, slowly. It’s actually been a while since i’ve worked on it because i’ve run headlong into a series of problems that my earlier devil may care fortitude hasn’t cared to slam headlong through. In fact my devil may care attitude appears to care a little too much for my liking and shrinks away from it. But have no fear! I’m sure something will happen to get it all working again.

I lost my job. Again. Working in mortgages is not a very stable environment, as i’m sure you’re all aware. I’m actually fairly used to this process which is not the same as saying i like it in any way. In fact i think it sucks and i would really really really like to get on with a life independent of mortgages. So if you happen to know of anyone who is looking for an amazingly talented but inexperienced writer direct them here and have them contact me.

I am trying to get my first screenplay back together to send out for another contest. Yes, folks, i know contests aren’t exactly where it’s at but unless someone also knows of an incredible writing agent that can get me in the front door on the basis of a few scripts that have a lot of promise while also having a lot of problems. Well… you know what to do. Go forth, minions, spread your wings and bring me back an agent in your capable clutches!

or not. That’s a bit of a tall order for my minions.

Hopefully my new found freedom will allow me a little more time to write and bemoan the fact that when employment job boards are looking for writers they don’t seem to mean looking for people who write, but rather people who have business degrees and had to pass English 101 in order to get them. That is, of course, if they are looking for writers at all and you don’t type in ‘writer’ only to be maddeningly redirected to a job posting to teach ballet in Arkansas.

Somehow i don’t think i’m qualified for that. He says as he stubs his toe on a loose piece of tile.

So now you’re up to date on my latest. Exciting wasn’t it? Aren’t you glad you tuned in for my witticisms? Carry on then, my Minions. Go do the voodoo that you do so well.

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2 thoughts on “Under and Overwhelmed: Writing in the new year

  1. Does that mean I’m a minion? Woohoo! I’ve always wanted to be a minion. Minion, minion, minion. What a great word. It’s like ‘onion’ but without the tears. Have no fear. I will be a good minion. I shall grab unsuspecting people as they pass by and ask if they need a writer.

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