NaNoWriMo Day 16: Good Breeze, Full Sails, Prize in Sight

So it’s been a few days of meagre offerings from the Blog. I apologize. I had to let my writing brain settle from the despair of the 25000 mark. It wasn’t easy. Things were a huge mess and though it didn’t enter my head to surrender i was not relishing the idea of continuing with a substandard product that had become a bit like licking a live grizzly – neither pleasant or advisable.

Things have settled down nicely since yesterday when i crammed in the words in spite of the growing deadline for bedtime. I spent two very productive days doing something i should have done a little more completely in the beginning – outlining and sketching. It’s honestly too soon to tell in the grand scheme of my experience to determine if this is advice i will take from myself. It certainly seems like a good idea, but there is the chance that the terror of losing complete control and then actually losing it is one of those liberating things that clears your mind and allows you to proceed much more happily. I’m not even sure if the ideas that have been germinating rapidly for the past two days would have come at all in the early stages. I was much more focused on THE idea back then – getting it launched.

I guess its a bit like a maiden voyage or a shakedown cruise. You launch the thing and then find out that there’s water coming in. Of course that’s where the analogy ends. I was pretty certain the whole thing was sinking a few days ago. Lesson learned kids, preparation and sketching will save your fiction. If you think you can just whip something up that is grand and delicious on a whim, i wish you luck. But if you find yourself with tattered sails in the doldrums of a frozen wasteland, you’d best get to work looking for land to head to. That is what a sketch is for. Lately i have been scoping out and mapping everything that is to come next. Where i have a clear vision for the events and the scene that is to occur, i will take a bit of time to type it out. In Scrivener this is REALLY easy and if you arrange it right it’s right on hand while your tap tapping away.

Anyway, whatever i’m doing seems to be working because i am feeling a LOT calmer and happier with the work, the characters are developing and becoming more like how i envision them (realizing that there is still much room for descriptive improvement in that regard but that, again, is for the second draft) The story itself is right there, only awaiting the formal words to make it come into being. It feels good.

So there you go. Hopefully this trend continues to the end, whether it does or not i will let you know.

Word Count as of Tuesday night at 11:09 is 34,370.

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One thought on “NaNoWriMo Day 16: Good Breeze, Full Sails, Prize in Sight

  1. You sound pretty content in what you have done so far. As a follower of your adventure that’s great. And thank goodness for Scrivener. It sounds like it has really been a help :o)

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